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Okay, there's a new comic and all that good stuff. I was just going to have her wings shrink away, but while getting ready to draw this strip, inspiration struck me like the smiting backhand of a disgruntled diety. I am very happy with the way that this looks, I think it turned out very pretty. Also, I know the comic is larger than any of the ones before this, but that's the price you pay for the color. Speaking of color, I'm never going to do a full color comic. I'm finding that the color is best when it used sparingly. Today's comic demonstrates this, but this comic from Monday is another great example. It wouldn't have the same impact if the whole thing were in color. For more on color, I refer you to Sluggy Freelance. This comic used to be all black and white and color on Sunday, and then Pete started throwing in bits of color on certain storylines, most noticably the one about the evil spawn of Satan kittens. Now all of the comics are done with these huge amounts of shading and mood coloring, and I think it's ruining it. I love the comic, but these days it's just a murky mess, like trying to read alphabet soup in the dark.

Anyway, when I use color, it also means that I can't use the gif format, as it doesn't handle anything other than plain black and white well. It even has trouble with grey. So the color and shaded comics are, by necessity, a little bit larger.

Speaking of comics, Monday's comic may or may not be horribly late. If it is late, it will be posted late Monday or early Tuesday, but if it's not late, it will be posted, well, on time. Regardless, a new comic will be up on Wednesday as scheduled, regardless of how I may or may not fuck up Monday's comic.

This new character that has now been sort of introduced is Luna Lacewing, a faerie, and there will be a character design page for her probably sometime next week.

I've noticed that the banner at the bottom of the main page blinked out of existence for a short time last night. I don't know what the problem was, but it fixed itself. Yay.

It's hot and muggy in Seattle these days. I don't like it. I goes against the natural order of things. And it totally throws off my entire wardrobe. I don't look good in warm weather clothing, so I own very few pairs of shorts. In fact, I really only own one pair.

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Friday, May 23, 2003  


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A new comic is up. It introduces a new character. Her hair is shaded, but I am not really that fond of the way it looks in the third panel. However, it is a necessary evil, as I was completely unable to render it properly in any other way.

Today in Anthropology we watched a little video about violence towards women in advertising. There's a guy who sits near me, and he wouldn't shut up in the movie. He kept making 'wanking' motions, indicating that he thought the film was bullshit. After the movie he brought up a reasonable point. He said that the movie made no distinction between how advertisers portray women and how men think of women. This would have been an excellent point but for two things: A) The movie never claims that that is how men think of women. And B) Who does he think he's kidding? Men are pigs, and that is how most men think of women. People that know me are probably aware that my faith in my gender is basically non-existent. I've hung around with men when no women are around, and from the things they say, I can tell you that most men are disgusting slobs that are only two beers away from raping someone. Seriously girls, don't trust us men, we don't deserve it.

I found the USB cable for my camera, so that's good. Unfortunately, I now can't find my WarCraft 3 disc, which is too bad, 'cause I really wanted to hop on-line and get my ass handed to me today.

It seems that I'm listening to a lot of Radiohead these days.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003  


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I just got my first bit of feedback form a reader. It was positive feedback, and I was glad to receive it. It was from a guy over at Amanda's forums, so I had some ties to him before this. Now what I really want is some e-mail from someone that I absolutely do not know, that found my site through their own ingenuity. I just wonder how possible it is for people that are not specifically looking for my site to come across it and get interested. I still have no idea how to advertise this thing.

I think I left the USB cable for my digital camera at my moms house, which is quite irritating, 'cause now I can't transfer any pictures over to my computer.

Today was my Anthropology teacher's advisor day, so I had no class. I tried ot sleep in, but I barely made it to nine o'clock. I've forgotten how to sleep in, and it depresses me. Also, the crazy white trash in the apartment below us were being noisy, making true sleep difficult. I've decided that the perfect neighbors to have would be absolutely stone-deaf mute senior citizens. They wouldn't make any noise, and they wouldn't complain about us making any noise.

I'm really sore right now. I played frisbee for several hours yeterday, and my body is making me pay for it now.

I hope I'm good at miniature golf.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003  


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I've had a good day. I filled out an application to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, which would be a cool job to have.

Today's comic is another color one. A friend of mine was reading it, and she commented, "That's so sad." That's exactly the point. I am also particularly happy with my use of color on that one. There are several other little things in there that I liked drawing. For those of you that give a damn, the things on his shelf are statues of Shiva and Buddha, as well as a fabrege (which I probably spelled wrong) egg, as well as a stake in a glass case that will get a further explanation later.

I'm planning on going back through the archives of this blog and linking the mentions of specific comics to their place in the archives of the comic. That way, should someone be going back through them for no readily apparent reason, they'll be able to know what comic I was talking about.

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Monday, May 19, 2003  


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I don't make emo posts anymore. Some of you that read my old blog may have noticed this. Why don't I make emo posts anymore? Because I'm over the cause of my emo-ness of course. We are now friends, and it's great. Some people prefer to just cut a person out of their life when their relationship ends, but I find it's better to be friends. It makes you less of a cold-hearted person to still be able to interect with someone that you were once in love with.

I was going to put my webcam on this page, but there's no good place to put it, and it ruined the flow.

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Sunday, May 18, 2003  

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