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First things first, I'm not going to join the national guard. They were kind of misleading in that website that made me want to join, so I've scrapped that plan.

Anyway, this is the bit that may get long.

I went to Canada last night. Anyone with half a brain in the Northwest knows that the best reason for a trip to Canada is to drink. We were going to see a movie too, but that never happened. Anyway, we got into Vancouver at around tenish. It was Nick, Caleb, and myself.

We checked into a hostel. Then we wandered around downtown. The hostel was right in the entertainment district, which was cool. The entertainment district was largely dominated by stupidly trendy clubs, which was not cool. Also, there were quite a few hookers wandering around. Also not cool.

People that know me know that I am a teetotaller, although I'm not a very good one. I've always been willing, providing I'm not driving, sample someone's else's drink, just to know what it tastes like. My main reason for not drinking is that I think my mind is my best feature, and it seems stupid to go out and impair that feature for a couple of hours a night. So I've never really done any drinking because of this. Anyway, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to see if I was capable of holding my liqour, drinking moderately, etc.

The first place we went was an irish pub, 'cause we were trying to avoid all the fucking clubs with lines and bouncers and lists and people that tell you your Penny Arcade t-shirt isn't up to their dress code. (Speaking of which, a barista in a coffee shop at 10:30 pm knew of Penny Arcade, and was pleased to see my shirt) So we went to this irish pub. I asked if they had Hefeweizen, the only beer who's taste I can actually enjoy, but they didn't. So I ordered a George Best, which is basically vodka, blue caracao, and orange juice. It was pretty yummy, especcially compared to Nick's Richard Harris. We all ordered a drink and then sampled each other's for taste. This was mostly an expedition so that when we turn 21 and can drink here in the states, we'll already know a few drinks we like. We also had some fries and a tall glass of water. We were careful to do this in such a way as to avoid actual inebriation. We ate food, and we drank a lot of water to cushion it.

After this, we left to go and wander around Vancouver for a while, giving our bodies time to absorb the alcohol before we saturated them with more, which is when I saw the most disgusting thing ever. There was a very drunk girl walking ahead of us with some very drunk freinds. This VDG was wearing a khaki skirt that was just a little to big for her. And she was wearing a thong. So her skirt spent way too much time way too low, giving all of us a heinous view of her thong in her butt crack. I could have gone my whole life without seeing that.

We wandered past a museum where some movie film crew was packing up, but we didn't ask what they'd been filming.

Eventually we circled back to a place called DV8 that was playing only Tom Waits music all night. We had some sushi, some chicken, and more drinks. I had a rum and Coke, which had too much rum in it for the amount of Coke, and a Neopolitan. Still no hefeweizen. We were going to get another round, but we'd missed last call for alcohol.

It was now about 2:05am. We were going to go to a computer gaming center near the hostel and chill, but they'd closed at two. When we got to the hostel, we asked the guy at the desk if there were any pubs still open. Apaprently there weren't, but he sent us to an all night donut place to get him some cookies. We did this, and got some donuts, before returning to the hostel. We had him turn on the Mask of Zorro in the TV room, and retreated their with our donuts and a pizze that Nick had brought from the apartment. A half hour into the movie, Nick went to bed, shortly followed by Caleb. I kept watching. Halfway through, the guy from the front desk got off of his shift and came upstairs. I offered him a slice of cold pizza, which he accepted, and we watched the movie for a bit. He left. I stayed up and finished the movie. I went to bed at 5:30 am. I got up at 8:30 am. If you do the math, it comes out that I've had three hours of sleep in the last 36 hours. And I feel fine.

Anyway, here's the big question? How sober did we stay? Almost completely sober. I never lost any control of my mental facilities whatsoever. The only impairment I suffered was that while at the car before going back to the hostel, when I was balancing on the concrete bumpers of the parking spaces, it was not quite as easy to maintain my balance. I didn't fall off or anything, it just wasn't as easy as it usually is for me. Of course, I would never get behind the wheel of a car in that state, but we went into that donut shop and a 7-11, and we all easily passed for completely sober people. We were all just fine to walk down a street without making an ass of ourselves, unlike that VDG and her very drunk friends.

So now I'm back. I'm not really a teetotaller anymore. But I'm not going to start drinking. I have no plans for future drinking. If we go up to Canada again, I would certainly have a few drinks. But I'm not going to have a beer down here or anything. No reason to. I think I do have it in me to be a responsible drinker. Cool. Also, we were never carded there.

Customs coming back was a bitch. I don't mind that they searched our car, what I do mind is that they treated us like scum even when they'd searched and found that we weren't smuggling any pot, and thus hadn't broken any laws, and were in fact good citizens and good kids, and deserving of treatment a little better than that afforded to dirt.

The movie 'Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns' is playing at the Varsity starting on Friday. It is a documentary about They Might Be Giants, featuring Sarah Vowel, Ira Glass, Conan O'Brien, Harry Shearer, Janeane Garofalo and a bunch of other cool celebrities. I must see it, or I will be an incomplete man.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003  


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There should be a new comic up pretty soon. Since I have to go back to the island - something I'm dreading, since I can tell my mom is not too thrilled about this whole National Guard thing - I try to put up as many comics as possible while I'm around.

Anyway, about my mood, I'm listening to Bjork. Listening to Bjork always makes me want to wrap myself up in a huge comforter with a girl I care deeply about and snuggle. Unfortunately there's no one in my life like that right now, and it really isn't comforter weather anyhow.

I played some good frisbee today. It always feels good to do some really good pysical thing like that for a good period of time if you lead an at least slightly sedintary lifestyle, like, say, everyone in America today. We should all go outside and run around more. Maybe throw a ball around. Go for a walk. Go skinny dipping. Ride a bicycle. Get outdoors and move.

Ending Music: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself; by the White Stripes

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003  


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Music: Daffodil Lament; by the Cranberries

That song will actually have importance in a later Hard Underbelly. A much later Hard Underbelly.

Anyway, after a good week and a half, there is a new comic up. For a brief time on Sunday there was an embarrassing picture of me at a Ren Fair on the main page, but it is gone for good. I'm particularly happy with the artwork in this comic. I hadn't had the opportunity to really draw in a good week, and I think it turned out great. Especcially the middle panel. I'm sorry for the long hiatus before the new comic, but there was good reason. I'm still financially dependent upon my mother, and she needed help painting her house. We're not actually finished, but it's finally been raining here in the northwest, so we can't really keep painting.

However, I'm hoping this financial dependence will soon end. Why? Well, I'm planning to join the National Guard. So, yeah. I could go into all the reasons why I want to do that, but it seems kind of pointless. No one reads this page, and I'm sure the few people that do probably don't care.

Man, I've been away from a computer for so long that I'm having trouble typing. Please forgive any typos as I am out of practice with a keyboard.

A little additional news, the internet is pissing me off. Keenspace's auto-updating servers fucked up on comic 44. Instead of going on to comic 45, it just skips to the current comic. It irritates me. I had to fix it manually, and everytime I do a full site update, like when I do a re-design, I'll have to edit it manually again. This is the same reason why the cover usually shows up twice in the beginning of the archives. Also, Blogger hasn't actually reverted to their old posting system as I said in a previous post, it just seems to work that way on older computers, like my mom's. Also, it keeps claiming when I try to publish posts that there's some error in the archives and there's not enough room. It's bullshit, 'cause the posts show up, and I had way more posts than this on my old blog, and it always worked fine.

Ending Music: Man It's So Loud In Here; by They Might Be Giants

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Monday, August 11, 2003  

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