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Mood: Good
Music: I Misunderstood; by Richard Thompson

I have gotten a job. It's a temporary job, and will only last for a week, but it's full time and pays $8.00 and hour, so it's a good thing. It's a stocking position at Coldwater Creek in Seattle. So it counts as retail experience, which will really help fill out my resume. Currently my resume consists of working at the Vashon Library, a month of telemarketing, and writing comics for the Ticket, which doesn't really pay anything.

Anyway, there will be a new comic on Saturday. I've got a comic with some very nice art lined up for Monday. It's time for Saul to start training Casey, so we will be reminded that this comic does, in theory, feature exciting action.

Ending Music: Empire City; by Bishop Allen

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Friday, August 22, 2003  


Mood: Okay
Music: Roads; by Portishead

Okay, it's 11:30 at night. I'm wondering, "What can I do to revolutionize Hard Underbelly?" So I made forums. Join up, so I won't feel like a complete loser, which is what I really am. I know that Stompy's forums have been down for some time, and that at least a few people there used to read Hard Underbelly, so maybe they'll join my forums, if only to start ragging on me again.

I'm listening to a mix in iTunes that I've titled 'Easy To Listen To'. It's got a large crossover with my 'Singalong' list, but it's made up of mostly slower songs, the kind of thing that's fun to listen to late at night.

Ending Music: Wrecking Ball; by Harvey Danger

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Thursday, August 21, 2003  


Mood: Awake earlier than I want to be, which I'm going to pretend is an actual "mood".
Music: Trouble; by Coldplay

Okay, there's a new comic up. This comic is actually the 50th Hard Underbelly, counting the first cover. That's almost twice a year's worth of Not All There. I do a lot more work on this than I've ever had to do for that. There will also be a new comic up Friday. And one on Saturday. It is even possible that there will be a new comic on Sunday, but don't hold your breath.

And all of those symbols on the door do actually say things. I didn't just fake the chinese. And if you're wondering what exactly is going on in this comic, there are a few clues, they're just really obtuse and vague. No, it's not just some weird bondage thing.

I saw "Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns" last night. It's a really great documentary about They Might Be Giants.

And now, just for the hell of it, these are the top ten most played songs in my iTunes playlist:

1. Playground Love; by Air
2. New Slang; by the Shins
3. Wo Qui Non Coin; by the Seatbelts
4. Lizzy; by Ben Kweller
5. Overkill; by Colin Hay
6. My Beloved Monster; by Eels
7. 12D3; by Gorillaz
8. Sign of the Zodiac; by Rasputina
9. Parachutes; by Coldplay
10. Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong; by Radiohead

That amused me.

Ending Music: Polyethylene (1 & 2); by Radiohead

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I've got the next couple of comics all drawn. So why aren't they up? I'm at my mom's house. And her computer blows. Let's do a little comparison. My computer has tons of RAM, my mom's doesn't. My computer can run Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 like it was designed for it, my mom's computer regularly freezes while running PhotoShop 6.0. My computer has a god-like DSL hook up, my mom's computer has an ancient 56k modem that disconnects roughly every two and a half minutes. I have a beautiful flat plasma screen, my mom's moniter is made of vacuum tubes uncapable of any kind of decent resolution. All of these things conspired against me. I downloaded a shareware ftp client to her computer, which I can use to access Hard Underbelly, but my mom's computer is just so crappy that editing the comics on it is seriously detrimental to their appearance. I tried, but it just looked ridiculously shitty, all pixelated and such. The thing is, I can't tell if it's just 'cause her monitor is awful or if they're actually getting that messed up in the scanning process, seeing as I can't rely on her computer to give me clear visual information to determine the brightness and contrast settings. Anyway, there are no comics up now because I care too much about the quality of the product I deliver to my readers (all four of them) to do them from here. So there is no comic because I love you. I should be going home soon, and there should be a comic up by Wednesday.

I've decided, a la Happy Campers, that I'm going to try and use "that sucked" as a good term instead of a bad one. I'll use "that blows" as a replacement. When I think about it, sucking really is very positive. The most obvious, and sexual term, is when someone sucks your genitialia or other errogenous zones. It doesn't make much sense to tell them "you suck" in a bad way. It makes more sense to be grateful of their suckiness. Sucking is, when it happens to you, pretty great. This paragraph is great proof that I really need a girlfriend.

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Monday, August 18, 2003  

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