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Okay, new comic up, but y'all probably figured that out already.

I was rooting through some old tapes, trying to find something to record Smallville, Angel, Ed, the West Wing, Boomtown, and Alias onto (not all on one tape, or in that order, but those are the shows that I most often set a VCR to record) and I came across a video cassette containing the old Vashon Island Survivor movie I made in my senior year of high school. If Bob still reads this blog, he should be amused by that. Of course, I think he had it on a VCD, which is basically a DVD. The lucky bastard. It was amusing to watch that again. I kept laughing at the things we didn't put in the video. Mostly I remember Andrew walking away without having actually put his vote in the hat, and we all started shouting at him, 'cause it's a really long take. "Andrew you moron! Put the fucking vote in the goddamned hat! Christ!" And of course, I still laugh at Bob as he confusedly reads that he's been voted off the island. (Bob was playing Jeff Probst). I grinned when the caption came on identifying it as 'Yoknopatawpha Tribe.' Yoknopatawpha, which I'm probably not spelling correctly, is the fictional county in which many of Faulkner's short stories take place. At least I think it was Faulkner. Good times.

I'm not sure if I had anything I really wanted to say here. Maybe I'm just rambling for the hell of it. Oh, yeah. If you know what song I quotes to get the title of this post, you are a very cool person. And if not, get your hands on Suzanne Vega's self-titled album you ignorant slut. If you doubt that I have any business calling you an ignorant anything for having not heard of Suzanne Vega, I put it to you that she's got a lot of cool cred. Tarantino named Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction after her, which is something you can figure out if you watch the extended special edition DVD. And if that's not enough for you, check out Penny Arcade's extremely obtuse reference to Suzanne Vega.

Anyway, yay.

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Monday, October 13, 2003  

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