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There's so many things to say. I guess I'll start with the lighter stuff. I beat Jak II today. It was really good, and I'll return it for store credit on Wednesday. I'll need that store credit to help me buy FX-2 when it comes out in November. It's release got bumped forward. More games should do that, as opposed to the typical getting bumped back that is the normal.

It rained today here in Seattle. Apparently this is, like, the most rain in one day we've ever had. It's a weird change from this summer, which was the least rain we'd had in 30 years. I described this weather as 'crummy', but I actually like it. I'm a bit of a homebody, and really horrendous weather justifies my shut-in existence. Plus, the rain drives away the tourists who were thinking of moving here.

I was at Island Variety today and informed them of the looming leak dripping down next to the battery aisle. One of their ceiling tiles was amusingly concave. Amusing for me, less so for them. Of course, if I hadn't told them then, it would've been a lot worse when they found it later.

On to less good news, someone was murdered this morning on Vashon. A 17 year-old girl who's the daughter of the janitor. I don't know her name, but then I haven't been to school there in over a year, and I was never the type to really learn people's names. I'm not very good with them. Oh, and did I mention that her father, the janirtor, has admitted to killing her? Yeah, well, he did. What a crappy world this is sometimes.

Also, I'm addicted to Apple Beer. It's delicious.

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Monday, October 20, 2003  

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