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My music really doesn't match my mood right now, but oh well. Okay, there's a new comic up for Tuesday. There'll be another new one on Wednesday, and then that'll be it untill Monday next week. I'm not even going to be home between Wednesday morning and late Friday, so cut me a little slack, okay?

I've been watching the original BBC version of Coupling. That version is much, much better than the shitty American version that NBC rolled out. Mostly because the British actors are just so much better in the roles than the Americans. And they can get away with more things in England. It's just all-around better there.

I need to find a hat that suits me and won't make me look like a dork on my way to work during these surprisingly cold days.

Hope it doesn't rain Tuesday.

I've been playing FF X-2 a lot more lately. Sometimes the nuances of the turn taking within the active battle system really tick me off. Like, even though your white mages action gauge is full, and she's totally ready to cast Curaga on everyone in your party, you still have to stand still and watch while that drake casts fireball all over you. It's irritating as all-get-out. And I'm greatly pissed off at the job system. In this game, once a new chapter begins, all the fiends all over Spira get harder. So if you neglected to really utilize, say your Black Mage, be prepared to get your ass kicked if you try. I've got Rikku as a White Mage, Yuna as a Gun Mage, and Paine as Warrior, but whenever I try to switch 'em around and upgrade other skill sets, I just get my ass handed to me. Wow, what's geekier than talking about a videogame? How about drawing one into your on-line comic? Yeah, that's a Ronso sitting in the booth in panel one of the comic. Coming up with random monsters to populate the backgrounds is harder than it sounds.

Ending Music: Caught A Lite Sneeze; by Tori Amos

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Monday, November 24, 2003  

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