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Okay, just for now, I've set the www.hardunderbelly.com domain to redirect here to the news page, which is not hosted by Keenspace. I'll set it back to Keenspace when they're working again, but in the meantime, at least you're seeing something, as opposed to nothing.

I'm kind of considering using a different host, what with all of Keenspace's problems. The only problem is, you can't beat Keenspace's price (free), or the ease with which I update comics due to their auto-updating tools. I guess I could go with Drunk Duck, but their pages are all, well, extremely ugly. Much more limited in customization, by the looks of it. But hey, if I'm wrong, someone tell me.

The only real things keeping me from doing all of this myself are a) I got screwed with do-it yourself updating a few years ago when I had Not All There on-line, and b) there are over 100 comics in the Hard Underbelly archive, and I'd have to make a new page for each one of them if I ran from Keenspace. Are there any free tools that could help me with this? Any handy bits of web-monkery? Who knows. I know I don't.

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Thursday, January 29, 2004  


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So the way I hear it, the current problem with Keenspace is that they have a virus that has incapacitated the Keenspace servers, and they're doing their best to fix it. However, I can't help but think of this as really stupid. I know that new viruses are being spit out quicker than diet Pepsi these days, but you'd think they'd be able to keep their servers clean. For starters, if this is one of those e-mail viruses, how about not running their e-mail off of the fucking servers holding all of the Keenspace websites? And furthermore, it might have something to do with the fact that I run a Mac, or maybe that I've got the brains to not open any old e-mail that comes across my yahoo account, but I've never had a virus on this computer. I've had it almost two years, and it's completely virus free.

Speaking of my computer being old, my system isn't up to snuff to run World of Warcraft. I could update my processor, and that would do it, but I really can't justify blowing $500 dollars on a processor upgrade.

Anyway, when my website returns, comics will show up fort however long it's been out. i.e., there will be several comics for every day that I missed. So if it comes back, say, Saturday evening, there will be comics for both Wednesday and Friday ready for viewing. Also, when it works again, I'll add to the links page the excellent comic Something Positive, a comic so wonderfully offensive, it loops around and becomes open minded again.

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So... I very much want to have Wednesday's comic all loaded and in the docket. Unfortunately, Keenspace's servers and loading right now. I haven't even been able to see the Hard Underbelly page all day. Once the servers are accepting me again, I'll load the comic. However, I have to work tomorrow, so that might take a while.

Just so everyone knows, the comic is done. It's pretty. However, if the page isn't even loading, it's not like anyone can hit the link to this news page. So really, once the main page returns to functionality, then you'll see that I was aware of this problem, and I wasn't happy with it.

What really gets my goat is that Keenspace will never even explain this server outage. When they lose their servers for a day or two, which happens every now and again, they never explain it. They have all these message boards and yahoo groups they could use to spread this info to their many creators, but they never use them. They never leave a quick message, like: "Sorry, we spilled some coffee on the server. Oops." No, it's just unexplained server outage followed by an uneventful resuming of services. Welcome to the Internet.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

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