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I have finished Friday's comic and uploaded it. However, I did this at 11:15, and Keenspace's auto-updater is a bit confusing. Thusly, the comic may not be registering as something I want put up tomorrow. And, bless their hearts, Keenspace is still working on getting back on its feet. So I have no way to override the auto-updater right now. So, worse comes to worse, the comic will show up Saturday. Tough it out, take it like a man, walk it off.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004  


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Ha! I bet none of you suspected that the first bit of what is technically considered nudity in Hard Underbelly would be a guy's ass! Fear not, Hard Underbelly is not about to join the oddly high number of yaoi comics on Keenspace, as the next comic will prove.

Anyway, I'm about to start working on Friday's comic.

Valentine's day is Saturday. Funny how Valentine's day is kind of a non-event in a person's life, when one day, all of the sudden, it's kind of depressing.

Ending Music: Silent Night (hidden track 2); by Damien Rice

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