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I just watched the first episode of "Wonderfalls". It was very funny. It's kind of like Joan of Arcadia on crack. And since it's on right after Joan of Arcadia (on a different network of course), it makes a good follow-up to it. Kind of like an alcoholic chaser. I'm looking forward to the next episode. Of course, this being Fox, and now that they have their hands on a reaslly weird but clever series, it'll be cancelled in about three weeks time. It also has William Sadler in it, and he's never been able to be in a series that got it's full run. For instance, Roswell.

So I've had a headache this afternoon, and was spending the day in my room (which really isn't that unusual). I come upstairs at about 7:30 for the first time in about two hours, and the house is empty. It took me a moment to rationalize, but I figure that my brother is at Cabaret, in which he's playing in the band, and I'm betting my mom just went to see the show. The thing is, no one told me. No one ever tells me. I'll suddenly find I'm all alone in the house. Not that I want their company, it's just kind of unnerving.

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Friday, March 12, 2004  


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I guess explanations are in order. Or, really, excuses. There was a sketch on Monday, with a reason for there being no comic. On wednesday, there was no comic. On Thursday, there was a comic that should have been up Wednesday, and a promise of a new comic on Friday. On Friday, there was no comic.

Many webcomic types are late because they've overcommitted themselves (Kurtz from PvP, the several month school sabaticals of Men In Hats and Return To Sender), others have missed comics for various reasons that can be chalked up to general depression (Under Power and Nothing Nice To Say come to mind), while still others are timely and regular with a frequency that shames the rest of us (Penny Arcade).

I, on the other hand, am missing comics because my life is going great all of the sudden. Hard Underbelly was originally started because I had way to much time on my hands. For the past few months (say, September-now) the regularity can be attributed to having absolutely nothing resembling a social life. But, all of the sudden, I have one. Wednesday's comic was missed because I went out and dinner with a wonderfull girl on Tuesday night, and that kind of snowballed into the messed up schedule that was the end of this previous week.

However, I am not going to let this new found romantic satisfaction kill off Hard Underbelly. I will simply have to adjust my drawing schedule to mesh with a happy personal life. So, Hard Underbelly should be good from now on. Sketch days should return to the infrequency people were used to, and I will try to minimize the missing of comics altogether.

In the interest of full disclosure, I just picked up Dark Cloud 2, and that's been eating up a fair portion of my time too.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004  

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