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Music: Pepper; by Butthole Surfers

I think the Butthole Surfers made a serious judgement lapse when coming up with the band name. Despite how great a lot of their music is, their name is a big turn-off for the uninitiated, and I bet even their die-hard fans think it's childish and stupid.

Anyway, I don't really know that I had any specific intentions when I started this news post. I would like to point out that Friday's comic was actually completed at around 2pm Thursday afternoon, as opposed to 11:30pm, which is usually when I finish comics. I'm all sorts of productive today.

I'm thinking of getting a shirt made that says "the system always wins" on it, and has some nice, conformist looking art deco image on it. I think I'll actually use that phrase in the comic I'm lazily planning for Hard Underbelly. I think the next comic (tentatively titled "the wrong band") will be more accessible to the general public. No vampire stuff in it, just a story about a band's journey to fame, or, possibly not fame.

Ending Music: Everybody Cares; by Elliott Smith

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Thursday, March 18, 2004  

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