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Okay, I've got a few random things to talk about. For starters, here's the most random:

Every once in a while, watching primetime tv, they have ads for the daytime soaps. In one such add, I've gotten the impression that one major arc in some soap has been a serial killer known as the Salem Serial Killer (that's a really fuckin' clever name) has been killing off people in Salem. At the grocery store today, while purchasing some yogurt, I saw one of those soap opera magazines with the impulse buy items, with the giant headline "They're all alive!" So, I know I'm no expert, and I don't watch soaps or anything, but it seems that for the past several months they've been killing all these people off, and now they're...what, just back? Did they go on vacation? Is the Salem Serial Killer actually just a really intense travel agent that sends people away without notifying family members? What's the deal? Fucking soap operas.

I've changed the links page to a strictly text-only format. There are several reasons for this. The primary one is that I wanted to finally purge that annoying Commander Kitty flash ad once and for all, which I couldn't do without completely starting the links page again from scratch. The second is that this way, with all text links in alphabetical order, there's no playing favorites.

Also, Friday's comic might be a tad late, as I'm planning to go out and draw it tonight at this little tea-house in the U-District that I'm fond of. Their tea is good, they're open 'till midnight, and the music they play is just annoying enough that it makes me want to get the drawing done faster. I can typically do about two Hard Underbelly's and one Not All There in about an hour and half there, so it's time well spent. I find that if I try to draw at home, there are too many distractions: my tv, ps2, computer, etc. But when I'm out enjoying my gunpowder green tea, there's nothing to do but draw.

How about that Angel finale? I think it was a much better finale than Buffy had. It leaves the story more open, in case they do those tv movies that some have speculated about. Anyway, the end of Angel has given rise to my current Hard Underbelly advertising campaign, which is "Angel is over, so get your vampire fix right here."

Like the geek that I am, I'm going to see Harry Potter on opening night. With my family. Yippee. I'm also looking forward to the Chronicles of Riddick, mostly because Pitch Black is the only worthwhile movie that Vin Diesel has ever been in.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004  

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