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Okay, there are a few things. One, I think the whole five days a week schedule is going to work out just fine. Of course, it would also help if a few of my readers tried to spread the word by linking to me from blogs, personal websites, just telling friends, etc.

Also, I've changed the site a wee bit. The nav buttons are different now, largely because the old ones looked too cartoony to me after a while. The new ones are much more sedate, and kinda dark in nature. Of course, there's also a new chapter link on the archive page. It probably comes as no surprise that the link goes to the start of chapter 4. This chapter is largely filling in some of the gaps of Saul and Casey and Mei Li's respective pasts. Enjoy. I'm going to be messing around with different drawing styles to represent them, which ought to be fun for me, and be an interesting change of pace for you, the reader.

Also also, I tracked down a few other old character sketches that were in storage, so sometime before the week is out I'll be working those into the character pages.

It's my 21st birthday on Thursday. Yippee.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004  

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