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I was just channel surfing, and I came across some goddamn country music awards shit on CBS. If anyone needs any more proof that mainstream country music has gone down the toilet, let me tell you what I saw: As a couple of moronic lookin' country stars sang, one playing guitar, the other rapping on a cowbell so ridiculously that he made Will Ferrel look dignified, the back of the stage was decorated with, and this is where it gets interesting, two giant, inflatable cowgirls riding saddles. These things were like fifty feet high, inflated arms waving about in that wonderfully unnatural balloon way. It was a disgusting, tacky, ugly thing. Motherfuckers. What kind of jackasses would want that on the stage behind them?

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  posted by Tristan @ 11:00 PM

Wednesday, July 14, 2004  

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