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Music: On A Slow Night; by Metric

I know that in my last post, I briefly mentioned that I'd picked up Metric's debut Album, Old World Underground, Where Are Now? and Modest Mouse's new Good News For People Who Love Bad News. However, I now feel it must be mentioned that these albums absolutely rock my fuckin' socks off. Seriously, go out and buy these albums. You will not be dissappointed. You will be elated. They are both funky and powerful. Beautiful and strange. Get them and listen.

Tonight I am going to a sort of costume event. The basic premise is, a theme is chosen, everyone dresses accordingly, and then a cloud of costumed people descends on an unsuspecting Capitol Hill bar. The theme tonight is "childhood trauma". In what can easily considered a lapse of both good taste and morality, I am going as a priest. I figure there's plenty of childhood trauma wrapped up in priests right now. If I get drunk enough, I may just order an altar boy. My understanding is that someone will be taking pictures, and the pictures will be put online. If this is the case, I will put a link to them here.

Ending Music: Love Is A Place; by Metric

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Saturday, August 07, 2004  


Mood: Good
Music: Hustle Rose; by Metric

It's raining in Seattle again, which usually would be a good thing, except I have a kind of nutsy costume party to go to tommorrow, and lederhosen and rain don't mix. I'm not kidding.

I'm working on a plan that may make me a musician. It involves guitar lessons from my very talented father, the purchase of a MIDI USB keyboard and Apple's Garageband software (I'm an amateur after all), and the vocal chords of myself and several female friends who've got the singing/musical bug. I'll be keeping the vocal chords in a jar.

I have secured Coupling season 3 on a DVD. It is good.

Also I have secured Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? by Metric, and it is good. Also, Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse rocks.

I was putting on my shirt yesterday when I caught a glimpse of my tattoo in the mirror. For a split second I didn't realize what it was, then I remembered. I think that's the sign that I'm acclimated to it, in that I'm no longer constantly consciously aware of it's presence on my spine.

As you may have gathered from comics returning, I have gotten some more paper to draw on. It's never a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth, or be anything less than appreciative of free stuff, but if anyone ever gets you any kind of Bristol Smooth paper that is not made by the Strathmore corporation, it would not be unreasonable to spit in their face.

Ending Music: Bukowski; by Modest Mouse

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Friday, August 06, 2004  

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