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Music: The Hardest Button To Button; by the White Stripes

Okay, this is a post mostly to draw attention to a new comic I've started reading, Intershadows. It's full of the wonderful, crazy, fuckedupbeautiful melodrama that makes writing and reading a cathartic exercise for those of us with some kind of emotional and mental instability.

Tonight is karaoke night.

Also, I got rid of the Hard Underbelly store, for many reasons. Partly in that I was losing money keeping it open, and also Cafepress makes shitty stuff and couldn't remember that they had my payment information from month to month. But mostly it's because Hard Underbelly is an artistic exercise, not a commercial one, and I felt it important that I remind myself of that by closing down the store, so I could just stop pretending.

Ending Music: New Year's Prayer; by Jeff Buckley

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  posted by Tristan @ 3:33 PM

Saturday, August 21, 2004  

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