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In regards to my previous post, I'm dead wrong. Hard Underbelly will be going to four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. I had hoped to have a comic for Monday, since I was supposed to have this weekend off, but then the new girl (who has worked for the company for, oh, all of five minutes) requested the weekend off and bam! My vacation just evaporated. I don't get another weekend off untill next week. Anywho, that'll kinda be the new schedule. Hard Underbelly four days a week. I haven't quite figured the Wrong Band's update schedule yet. I'm designing the page for it right now, and it should start within two weeks. Somewhere in the bowels of Keenspace's server is a page that lets you check out samples of impending comics. I tried to find it so you could get a sneak peak at the wrong band, but I failed. If any 'spacers out there know where it is, please send me an e-mail.

It's now four in the morning. I must sleep.

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Monday, September 27, 2004  

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