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I'm kinda in that space between tired and buzzing wakefulness, so this might come out in an odd order.

I see that I haven't done a post since early October. Meh.

First off, read this. It's a brilliant article written by Dan Savage, of Savage Love fame. It's not about sex, by the way. It outlines a wonderful new direction for the democratic party, and I support it wholeheartedly. 59 million americans have proven they cannot be trusted, so fuck 'em.

I like to see the Mormon Missionary kids come into the store, 'cause it's always nice to see someone who gets laid less often than me.

Hard Underbelly has a new look. It's pretty much a lightly colored version of what I do with The Wrong Band, but with desaturated colors. I think it brings it a little bit more out of the flatness that my black and white stuff tends to have. It's done mostly to keep me from going insane with doing the same kind of drawing over and over.

In way cool news, my old editor from the former Vashon Ticket is getting a news magazine started called the Northwest Ticket. It's gonna be rag primarily about the arts. When Hamish asked me for some comics, I sent him some of the Not All There stuff, and a Wrong Band comic. He's going to print it. One of the really exciting things about this is the exposure. Sure I've been published for years in that tiny island paper, but Hamish wants this magazine to be a real Northwest thing, and it's going to feature a project of mine that I'm very proud of. Hamish is my patron saint of promotion. He's still working out the financing for it, and I'll post something here when it's out. If you live in the Northwest, keep your eyes open and grab a copy if you see it.

I feel absolutely no shame in saying that I watch Joan of Arcadia, and I think Amber Tamblyn is astoundingly talented and adorable. I got choked up with the last episode. I am a geek.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004  

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