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A few odds and ends that are new since the last post.

In preperation for The Wrong Band's new chapter on Monday, I have done a little tweaking on the main page. Namely, I added the Newsbox. As much as I publically despise 99.8 percent of the crap on Keenspace, I cannot fault them for their service. The Newsbox is a simple way to generate a little linking action, and the Wrong Band could use the publicity. I have tried to put it out of the way and at the bottom of the left hand column, so it can be pretty much ignored.

I have also added a link to the excellent comic The Man Who Hates Fun, one of the few comics on Keenspace worth subjecting your eyeballs to.

Fun fact: If you let your cursor hover over the links on The Wrong Band's main page, secret messages will appear. It's the Wrong Band's own easter egg hunt. Try it, you'll like it.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004  


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A few random things.

The Incredibles is a great movie. It's a great superhero movie. It's got some death in it, which is a brave move for Pixar that goes off without a hitch. It has Sarah Vowell in it. She is the muse of all things that are good and literary in the world.

I am poor. You people should do something about that. Like, spread the word about my comics, The Wrong Band and Hard Underbelly. The first step towards making money off of a webcomic is to have a boatload of readers. I'm doing what I can, but part of it relies on word of mouth and linking, so if you've got a site, throw me a bone. On that note, I've been meaning to mention someone for a while. I'm not entirely sure what this is all about. I saw a pretty funny comic somewhere on their site a while ago, but now I can't find it anymore. It mostly looks like a blog. Anyway, there at the bottom are links to five comics: Penny Arcade, Megatokyo, Diesel Sweeties, Real Life, and Hard Underbelly. Those are the only links. I'm used to being on huge link pages, where people link to everything from the heavy hitters like PvP and Sluggy Freelance to someone's pictures of their own navel lint, but those are the only links there. Someone has decided that, in their opinion, Hard Underbelly is right up there with the big boys. Thank you so much, Aaron, it made my day. On that note, Sarah or Trixie, as she is sometimes known, linked to me out of her Yahoo profile, and it is actually generating a decent number of hits. I figure that the 'cute teenage girl' factor is a resource I should exploit more often for my own profit. Thanks, Beautiful. While I'm at it, props to Dave, who I think is probably my biggest webcomicky supporter.

I picked up a copy of America: the Book by the Daily Show team. I've been flipping through it, and it is hilarious. It's like a high school history textbook, only honest and funny.

Ever notice how certain music can evoke a feeling based on where you were in your life when you heard it? When I listen to the TMBG album 'John Henry', it makes me feel cold and lonely, which is how I felt that Christmas so many years ago when I first got it. When I listen to the Flaming Lips' 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots', it reminds me of being cold and bundled up on commuter busses between Seattle and Vashon with snow on the ground. Every once in a while when I hear anything off of the Coldplay album 'Parachutes', it reminds me of breaking up. That's the dangerous side of having a certain music that you closely associate with an important relationship: you run the risk of never wanting to hear that music ever again. Weird Al makes me feel 13 years old. Bob Rivers just makes me feel homicidal.

I think I'm going to start a new chapter of The Wrong Band on Monday. This is less of an event than it is for Hard Underbelly, since the Wrong Band is not nearly so plot-heavy at this point, and a new part really just represents the passing of time more than it does the start of a new story arc. At least it does now. In the future, the Wrong Band will be a much more story driven entity.

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