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So, I recently was reading a little thing on the new Blade movie, which, geek that I am, I am really looking forward to. I am, after all, one of the few people that thinks Ryan Reynolds is a good casting choice for Hannibal King. Anyway, I read that the actor playing Dracula (I think it's Dracula, it's their big bad original vamp, whatever) is Dominic Purcell, who I've been a big fan of since the short lived series John Doe. This elated me, 'cause he's cool. It made me sad though, 'cause in my secret head place, I'd always thought that in a bizarre universe where I had power and there was a Hard Underbelly movie, the perfect person to play Athanasius would be Dominic Purcell. But now that he's playing the first vampire in Blade, he couldn't well do it in my movie, could he? Not that there will ever be a Hard Underbelly movie. I'm not that delusional. Yet.

Today's HU is actually not the first nudity in the comic. There was a quite a bit of non-sexual nudity in the Cthulu chapter. Anyway, these next few comics are things that I've been planning for Hard Underbelly from the beginning. It's fun to be getting into what I mentally think of as the meat of the story. The drawing of Annie from the last panel was actually done several months ago as a study for this bit, but it came out so good I ended up just using it.

I hope everyone is also reading The Wrong Band as well. It doesn't have vampires or anything like that in it. Hard Underbelly fans may not like that, but I think of it as the more accessible of my comics. Lord knows the internet is filled with vampire comics already. I know I kinda cheated with the art on this comic, but considering the scope and scale of Hard Underbelly today, I think I can be granted a little slack. Please?

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Friday, December 03, 2004  

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