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Just a few things. Last week on CSI:NY, which I never make any effort to watch, but had on in the background, they used AIR's "Alpha Beta Gaga" in one scene. I was pleased.

They got rid of what's her face on Law and Order that same night, and it ended with her getting fired. She asked, "Is it because I'm a lesbian?" and what's his face saying "Of course not." Now I'll admit I don't really follow Law and Order that closely, but have they ever mentioned her being a lesbian before? Or does Dick Wolf just like rubbing his audiences faces in the fact you basically know nothing about the main characters of his show? Whatever.

I've been constantly worried about the Fantastic Four movie since I heard it was getting made. For starters, I'm not even a huge fan of FF comics, I read them in the store, but they never seem worth plopping down any cash for. I read about the casting, seeing that they put Jessica Alba, who is pretty, but in my opinion not exactly the best actress in the world, as Sue. Michael Chiklis is great to be Ben Grimm. Inspired there. Anyway, I've just been kinda worried about the movie, it seemed like something that would be really easy to screw up, and they hired that director who made Babershop of all things to do it. So, lots of fear and apprehension, since I'm just waiting for someone else ot come along and make a movie that'll kill off this comic book renaissance we've got in the cinema these days. But tonight I got my hands on the trailer, which is available in QT at Apple.com, and was much impressed. The first half is setting up the accident, and I'm glad to see they embraced the space aspect of the comics. Then it gets kick ass, with some rockin' music in the background as it shows Doctor Doom just generally being big and evil. It shows Ben crumpling the hell out of a semi, Johnny lighting up, Reed stretchin' out, and some stuff with Sue and force fields. It looks like it'll have those knock-down, drag-out superhero battles with vehicles and scenery being thrown about that we've all been waiting to get from a superhero movie.

Lost just keeps getting better and better.

Read The Wrong Band.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005  

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